Papa's Baits Pro-Staff Criteria:

1. I do not sponsor individuals, teams, or tournament trails unless I know the individual, team, or tournament trail director personally.

2. If you have never used my products, DO NOT contact me for sponsorship or pro-staff positions until you have done so.

3. Always be professional, on and off the water.

4. Always be professional on social media.

5. If you are EVER involved, directly or indirectly, with cheating in a tournament or breaking any law of any State's Parks and Wildlife Department, you are gone. I will not ask any questions or listen to any explanation. Regarding this, I'm not referring to you forgetting your fire extinguisher or leaving your fishing license in your truck; I'm referring to any broken law that endangers yourself, others, or wildlife and that involves arrest on your part.

6. You must help get Papa's Baits products into at least one store per year, from the date you become a pro-staffer, and continue to service that store.

7. You must work trade shows in your area. We will inform you of these with at least a month lead time on our Facebook page.

8. You must promote Papa's Baits products on stage, at weigh-ins, and visit tackle shops to inquire about our products as you travel.

9. You must keep in regular contact with Papa's Baits with regard to what you're doing, where you're going, what you're fishing, and how you've tried to spread the word about our products.

We are in the process of designing a more formal level system, until that time, these criteria apply. Please note, Papa's Baits' Pro-staff members do not get anything for free.