Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits
for Anglers and Pros

Papa's Baits started with the PAPA'S BUZZ, a unique buzzbait design. We have been making Papa's Buzz since 1994. Since then we have been asked to make other baits, so now we have. Our baits are all hand made by Veterans in the Good Old U.S.A.

Papa's Story

We here at Papa's Baits make our baits of quality material and craftsmanship. Each Spinner Bait has Mustad Ultra Sharp Point Hooks, in our 3-8 to 1 oz and our Buzz Baits have Mustad round point hooks. All our Buzz baits come with a squeak out of the package. All wire baits have Baked on Paint. Papa's Buzz is a unique buzz bait that is easily fished around Lilly pads, bull rushes and other weeds without the hook becoming fouled with grass.


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